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All classes will focus on preparing students with the skills they require for the end-of-year exam and for their School Assessed Coursework tasks.

The three main sections of the course are:


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Section A: Reading and Creating texts: (Unit 3)

Two texts to be studied in Unit 3.

2 SACs. One analytical and one creative. These must be on different texts. The creative may be oral.
Exam component: an analytical response to one of two texts selected from the English/EAL Text List published annually by the VCAA for Unit 3 Outcome 1.

Section B: Reading and Comparing texts: (Unit 4)

Two texts to be studied as a pair. Expansion of text study to include a comparison of the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in texts.
Exam component: an analytical response to a pair of selected texts from the English/EAL Text List published by the VCAA for Unit 4 Outcome 1.


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Section C: Analysing argument: (Unit 3 and Unit 4)

Builds on existing study by including a more balanced approach to the analysis and presentation of argument and language. Given the amount of texts and the possible combinations it may be necessary for students to swap class times at the end of unit 3 so they can study their paired texts. More information will follow on possible class times.



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Classes and times

Year 11 & Year 12: 90 minutes

Years 7-10: 60 minutes

Scholarship preparation: 90 minutes

French/ English immersion classes: 120 minutes

Year 12 students will attend classes according to their single texts in Unit 3 and their paired texts in Unit 4. This will mean a change in class time between unit 3 and unit 4.

Please note: Given that there are 20 texts for “reading and creating” and 8 pairs of texts for “reading and comparing” it is possible that all texts may not be covered. In this case students will attend the text class that they will be writing on in the end-of year exam.

Year 11 students can attend a general class or a school group if applicable




Language analysis will be covered in ALL classes

All year 11 classes will focus on the skills of language analysis. This also involves essay writing, critical thinking and comprehension.

In Unit 3, the year 12 text and core classes will cover language analysis and Unit 4 classes will also cover the skill required for language analysis for the exam.


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