Excelsior English has partnered with registered psychologist Dr Robert Chatfield to provide educational assessments and counseling for young people. Assessments range from full-scale IQ scores to screeners for common learning disorders. Counselling is available for a range of issues that may afflict young people.


Educational Assessments

An educational assessment provides an understanding of an individual’s particular strengths and weaknesses. It can provide direction for targeted learning programs at school and home and give an indication of an individual’s abilities in relation to other individuals of the same age.
Assessment is particularly helpful for:
•    Giftedness
•    Learning difficulties
•    Cognitive strengths and areas for improvement
An educational assessment can assess students at both ends of the academic spectrum – from those who may struggle academically, or who may have a learning disability, to those who may be intellectually gifted.


Assessments can also be used to:

•    Apply for special consideration and special exam arrangements for VCE
•    Gain admission to special programs such as SEALP or ACE
•    Assist with scholarship applications


What does an educational assessment involve?

•    Most testing sessions involve one appointment of between 2-3 hours, depending on the assessment being carried out.
•    Testing will also screen for common disorders that may afflict many teenagers.
•    All testing is carried out in a comfortable non-pressured environment


What will I get?

A summary report with full scale IQ scores and outlining strengths and weaknesses relative to a student’s peers in the areas of:
•    Verbal comprehension
•    Perceptual reasoning
•    Working memory
•    Processing speed



Counselling can be provided for a wide range of issues that could impact upon a student’s ability to reach their learning potential. These sessions can be bulk-billed via Medicare with a referral from a general practitioner.



The cost for a full educational assessment and report is $360



For appointments or more information please contact info@xlcr.com.au or Dr Robert Chatfield: e: chatfield42@gmail.com, mob: 0478 654 556