Excelsior Tutoring offers tutoring in a range of subjects for students


Our philosophy

Excelsior is a Latin term that means onwards and upwards. We try to inspire our students to adopt this attitude towards their own education. Our philosophy is that all students, regardless of their ability, have the potential to achieve their best, and can do so with effective teaching and a well-designed curriculum.


Year levels

We cater for all levels from year 7 to year 12. 

We also offer scholarship preparation classes and primary classes 


Our Teachers

Elizabeth Fear

A teacher of English for over 30 years, Elizabeth founded Excelsior Tutoring over 10 years ago, with the intention of delivering high quality lessons to students of English of all levels of ability.

Passionate in the belief that good teaching is essential to effective learning, Elizabeth has created a structured approach to senior English, where lessons are broken down into manageable, organised and logical components. This approach is highly effective in helping students to understand the writing process and enhances their writing skills in all areas of the course.

Elizabeth has published two texts on language analysis and has presented at various Educational forums and conferences.

    Andrea Augoustou
    Teacher of English

    Andrea has been working at Excelsior for the past two years. Her classes foster a positive learning environment where students are able to comfortably learn and improve their education.

    In Andrea's classes students are: 

    • challenged to confidently discuss and create  responses.
    • taught to evaluate written and visual texts
    • taught to refine their lexical range
    • encouraged to formulate higher ordered analysis of texts
    • taught the structure and features of the various VCE required forms of writing